We deliver factory-made wooden houses and our talented people have professional experience since mid-90s.

Our goal is to produce and deliver quality wooden houses with great value for money!

We work with B2B and private customers.

AlfaHouse is company registered in Sweden and Estonia

    Vjatseslav "Slava" Perunov
    Company founder & CEO


How does it work?

If you have a house project - we discuss that, agree on details and place production order for you and in couple of months it's delivered. Either our people assemble that or you can choose to do that yourself (if you are a building company, for instance).

Assuming that foundation for your house is ready, a house can be assembled in couple of weeks, depending on the size.

So in about 3 months you get your new wooden house in place!
And since our houses are a little cheaper, you have some money left in your pocket!


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