Glulam products are manufactured at new processing line equipped in accordance with European quality standards. Timber graded by size and quality is dried in drying tunnels (Bolman, Tekmowood, MUHLBOCK) to reach moisture content corresponding with its application. Dried timber is then calibrated, graded and optimized by strength grade. On request lumber may be graded by aesthetic criteria. Quality of strength graded structural timber is approved by European standard CE certificate of conformity (ЕN 14081).

Lamellas resulting from grading and optimizing are glued by length using finger joints (16 mm or 28 mm). Adhesive used – Akzo Nobel Cascomin MUF-system 1249/2579, PRF system 1717/2575, EPI system 1937/1943. Water resistance class D4+++, emission class E1 (formaldehyde content is below natural background). Adhesive is provided with hygiene certificate and freezing test certificates.
After gluing up to length of 13,5 m/12 m lamellas are pressed to form workpiece of the log with necessary profile using HFC press Kallesoe (Denmark) or cold hydraulic press DUCET (Canada) and shaped to reach smooth surface and precise dimensions of the final products.

Tests of multi-layer glulam log bearing structure and quality test are done in certified in-house laboratory in accordance with requirements of European CE (EN 14080).

Our equipment and manufacturing process allow manufacturing stable shape glulam structures of GL 24, GL 28, GL 32 strength grades.

Structural glulam beam may be used:
  • as bearing structures;
  • in floor deck;
  • in frame of roof, at truss building;
  • in load-bearing structures.