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For over two decades we produce timber houses for our customer all over the world.

Environmental friendly.

Big and small. Simple and sophisticated.

Competitive price. Great quality and service.

We welcome companies who deliver houses to end customers as well as private customers, who wants to build house for themselves.

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Standard projects:
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
Byggsats trähus timmerhus bygga själv ftitidshus billig
* prices excluding VAT, transportation, construction

Timber frame delivered Sweden (Särö) building

Here is an example of timber frame project we have produced at our factory and delivered to Särö, Sweden. It was a custom project, ordered by a Swedish building company. We received very positive feedback on this project.

Alfa House can be your partner to outsource tree house production and we support variety of technologies!

Design kitchen

Tell us what kind of kitchen do you want?

We do our best to fulfill your dreams in a best way!

Your new house can be supplied with designer drawn kitchen - just the way you want it.

Below are just some examples of what a kitchen may look like for one of our standard houses AH-86

Prices begin at 5540.- EUR!!!

House step-by-step

See more pictures about how the house was built >>

Glulam profile log


+ First step of glulam log manufacturing process is breakdown of debarked wood.

+ Lamellas graded by size and quality are dried in specialized drying tunnels to reach moisture content of 8-18% depending on log type and adhesive used. Drying tunnels Tekmawood, Myulbok-Vanichek with automatic drying control provide moisture spread within +/- 1,5%.

+ Dried lamellas pass acceptance moisture content and crook check using Microtech 702 system with XR module, which performs automatic wood grading by color, laser and X-ray scanning and separates the material by strength grade from C16 to C45 and by visual class. Defects marking is done via scanning.

+ Automatic temperature monitoring and maintaining temperature at the level of +20°С and humidity of 60% provide the best conditions for gluing.

+ Finger joint profile is then milled on end faces of the lamellas resulting from grading. After that the adhesive is applied. Its volume is less than 1% of the glulam log. Glued lamella may reach 12 m/13,5 m in length.

+ Glued lamellas are pressed to get the log of the required profile. Perfect quality of gluing is provided by modern equipment – HFC press Kallesoe (Denmark), which provides material heating at molecular level resulting in decrease of adhesive content in the products and increase of efficiency. Increase of the product geometrical dimensions is provided by cold hydraulic press DUCET (Canada), which glues the log in two planes.

+ The log is then planed and milled (profiled). Further building parts are manufactured in plant conditions, which provides evenness and tightness of joints.

Adhesive used – Akzo Nobel Cascomin MUF-system (1257 – for Russia, 1265 – for Japan), also we use PRF system 1717/2575, EPI system 1937/1943. Materials used for production correspond with hazardous emission class (for example, formaldehyde), European and Japanese standards:
  • Е1 – Europe  (below natural background)
  • F**** – Japan (limited application of materials containing formaldehyde).

Advantages of glulam log structures:
  • Gluing provides high rigidity of the load bearing part.
  • Technology of lamellas multi-layer gluing allows producing the parts of almost any shape and length.
  • Glulam log is applicable for chemically aggressive environment.

Glulam profile log may be used:
+ For building of walls in wood house-building. It is applicable both for log and post-and-beam structures.


Glulam products are manufactured at new processing line equipped in accordance with European quality standards. Timber graded by size and quality is dried in drying tunnels (Bolman, Tekmowood, MUHLBOCK) to reach moisture content corresponding with its application. Dried timber is then calibrated, graded and optimized by strength grade. On request lumber may be graded by aesthetic criteria. Quality of strength graded structural timber is approved by European standard CE certificate of conformity (ЕN 14081).

Lamellas resulting from grading and optimizing are glued by length using finger joints (16 mm or 28 mm). Adhesive used – Akzo Nobel Cascomin MUF-system 1249/2579, PRF system 1717/2575, EPI system 1937/1943. Water resistance class D4+++, emission class E1 (formaldehyde content is below natural background). Adhesive is provided with hygiene certificate and freezing test certificates.
After gluing up to length of 13,5 m/12 m lamellas are pressed to form workpiece of the log with necessary profile using HFC press Kallesoe (Denmark) or cold hydraulic press DUCET (Canada) and shaped to reach smooth surface and precise dimensions of the final products.

Tests of multi-layer glulam log bearing structure and quality test are done in certified in-house laboratory in accordance with requirements of European CE (EN 14080).

Our equipment and manufacturing process allow manufacturing stable shape glulam structures of GL 24, GL 28, GL 32 strength grades.

Structural glulam beam may be used:
  • as bearing structures;
  • in floor deck;
  • in frame of roof, at truss building;
  • in load-bearing structures.

AlfaHouse AH-205, 2 floor, 213m2 house

AH-205 (213 m2, 2 floors)


The main advantages of AH-205:
  • Walls made of glued timber, the thickness of the outer wall 240 mm.
  • The unique i-log technology, provides the advantages of a wooden house and warm frame structures giving great value for money
  • All the parts are factory made with accurate precision.
  • Rapid construction - installation in 2-3 weeks.
  • Roof frame made of 100% prefabrication
  • Completely eco-friendly building materials.
  • Breathable wall design allows the house to "breathe".
  • Compliance with all standards of energy efficiency.
  • Choice of color and texture options for facade solutions.
  • Floor layout of your choice. 

i-log technology

i-log technology stands for "insulated log" is our own developed technology combining advantages of wooden house and frame structure houses, allowing maximal value for money.

1 - glued timber 95x250 mm
2 - insulation 50 mm
3 - wooden sliding lathing 50 mm
4 - wooden lathing 50 mm
5 - insulation 50 mm
6 - windshield membrane
7 - facade guides
8 - wooden exterior of choice

Here are some of our standard house projects made with i-log technology as an example of what we deliver.


Examples of houses we produced on our factory